Earlier this month, Global Group Chairman Andrew Horvath was interviewed on the Energy Transition Dialogues podcast hosted by Gulf Intelligence, the Dubai-based strategic consulting group focused on the international energy and natural resources industry.

The interview took a deep dive into the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, including current sector dynamics, the role of government funding and Star Scientific’s commercial plans to market.

Mr Horvath also discussed why countries should not limit their thinking to the export of hydrogen given the profound promise of a well-developed green hydrogen ecosystem for domestic economic development and energy independence.

Asked about his wish list for the sector, Mr Horvath concluded that his top three to move the sector forward must include universal regulation, a good storage model that would allow hydrogen storage en masse and enable transportation freely, and to move beyond trying to “green” fossil fuel industries. Rather, now is the time to adapt to a new way of doing things and move on to green hydrogen.

Tune in below to watch or listen to the podcast.