In a world first, Star Scientific has successfully commissioned its pre-production heat exchanger prototype H2X2.5 at its laboratory facility on Australia’s central coast of New South Wales.

In a collaboration between the company’s Science, and Design and Engineering departments, the heat exchanger was completely designed and built in-house. The device has been used for calibration and testing. Its successful operation plays a critical role in the certification process of the HERO® system, paving the way for the development of the first commercial model and up-scale, later this year.

The unique heat exchanger is currently producing industrial grade steam, with zero emissions.

The team at Star Scientific is breaking new ground in more areas than one with the development and testing of the H2X2.5. The research will continuously contribute to improved design and device efficiencies to further HERO® certification.

Global Group Chairman Andrew Horvath said, “This achievement with the H2X2.5 represents the long-awaited demand side activator for hydrogen – putting green hydrogen into use today – and effectively capturing the entire heat industry to take energy off the table.”

We are extremely excited to present to you a short video explainer here.