Star Scientific hosted major food companies from our local region at the Berkeley Vale facility to showcase HERO®.

HERO® technology has the potential to convert cooking, drying and pasteurisation in the food industry to zero emission processes.

Star Scientific is working with the Central Coast Food Alliance as well as local industry and the ConnectCCIC (Central Coast Industry Connect), with a view to establishing a pilot project, to drive clean energy for the food sector.

“We are in a number of productive discussions with the food industry,” said Global Group Chairman of Star Scientific Ltd, Andrew Horvath, “We do expect them to be early adopters of HERO® as they are quite actively looking to find alternatives to fossil fuels.”

Star Scientific has fielded inquiries about HERO® from the food and beverage sector from all over the word, and it is fitting and exciting that this global journey may commence in our own back yard – giving meaning to the old adage “think global act local.”