Star Scientific Limited has appointed Matthew Hingerty to the role of Deputy Chairman, Deputy CEO and Chief of Business Development.

Matthew joined Star Scientific in 2020 as Chief of Communications and Government Relations following years of service as a Ministerial Chief of Staff at both the Federal and State levels of government.

“Star Scientific is a unique, innovative hydrogen company with a very big role to play now and into the future as the world transitions to cleaner forms of heat and energy.

“I am extremely proud of what we have achieved at Star Scientific to date and excited at what is ahead – green hydrogen is a critical energy carrier that will make cleaner, cheaper energy and heat possible, ushering in a new, cleaner industrial era.

“It is looking like a massive year for green hydrogen and an even a bigger one for the talented team at Star Scientific under the leadership of Andrew Horvath,” concluded Matthew Hingerty.

“Major announcements about the company are on the horizon. Mr Hingerty will play a key role in driving support for green hydrogen across business and government as the heat and energy choice of the future,” said Global Group Chairman of Star Scientific Limited, Andrew Horvath.

“Australia is uniquely positioned to develop the global hydrogen economy, heralding a new era of research, development and deployment in the manufacture and installation of all parts of the hydrogen supply chain,” concluded Mr Horvath.

Prior to joining Star Scientific, Mr Hingerty was CEO of Australia’s pre-eminent Government Relations consultancies, Barton Deakin and CEO, Chairman and Director of a range of industry bodies, covering the services and export sectors.