In the second instalment of our Meet the team series we meet Star Scientific Principal Investigator, Samuel (Sam) Kirk.

Sam joined Star Scientific as a graduate scientist in 2010. It was during his work on the company’s nuclear fusion project that he co-developed the catalyst and the process that drives the HERO® reaction.

Today as Principal Investigator, Sam leads the Science team’s ongoing development of HERO®, working towards certification and commercialisation.

Sam is passionate about his work and about HERO®, having discovered part of the catalyst that will enable hydrogen to achieve its full potential and become the world’s pre-eminent sustainable energy source.

Of course, Sam is a fervent proponent of hydrogen adding, “There is no question we need a clean energy future. Hydrogen has the potential to shake up the energy world, driving that clean energy, zero-emission future.”

The Meet the team series provides an insight into the great crew that makes up Star Scientific. More videos of the team can be viewed on our YouTube Channel but in the meantime, meet Sam Kirk.