In the fourth instalment of our Meet the team series we meet Star Scientific WHS (Work, Health and Safety) and Compliance Officer, Matthew Dore.

Matthew joined Star Scientific in 2019 where he provides strategic and operational management with regards to safety codes practices, risk mitigation and compliance. He enjoys working alongside an A-team of scientists and business pioneers who are at the forefront of innovation, shaping and driving the manufacture and use of hydrogen.

“Our strength is in our people who share a passion for hydrogen’s role in the new energy economy but also for ensuring we continue to operate within a safety culture framework,” he said. “Strategic compliance and policies are among the key aspects of any business, particularly for a company pushing into new frontiers like Star Scientific,” said Mr Dore.

Mr Dore has a degree in Science for Chemistry and Physics. He is also a Technical Assessor with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), supporting Australia’s national accreditation body by providing specialist knowledge during the audit of other laboratories.

The Meet the team series provides an insight into the great crew that makes up Star Scientific. More videos of the team can be viewed on our YouTube Channel but in the meantime, please meet Matthew Dore.