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The science behind HERO®

The immense potential of the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®) comes from its capacity to rapidly produce a clean, zero emission source of heat.

Behind this powerful heat source is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen gas with a secret catalyst, applied to a metal surface.

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Within minutes of the hydrogen interacting with the catalyst, HERO® safely reaches temperatures of more than 700 degrees Celsius.

The larger the surface area of the catalyst and the more hydrogen available, the more heat is generated. The only by-product is water.

The catalytic reaction starts working at room temperature and requires no preheating or external heat sources making it safer and more efficient.

The Benefits


No greenhouse gases or other harmful emissions are produced during the HERO® process. The only waste by-product is pure water.

This single energy source has the potential to end the world’s reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels and reduce our total impact on the planet.


HERO®’s fuel source, hydrogen, is the most abundant natural element in the world. It will never run out.

It can be produced using abundant green energy sources.

HERO® technology relies on our secret, reusable catalyst. It is a true catalyst, meaning it does not degrade during the reaction. This characteristic makes HERO® even more reliable, and less costly to operate and maintain.


HERO® is very safe because it doesn’t rely on combustion to release the energy within hydrogen. The powerful heat-generating reaction between the catalyst, hydrogen and oxygen is completely flameless.

Hydrogen is easy to store and use, with appropriate safeguards. It can be contained for long periods of time and transported safely across long distances. This is already happening around the world.

The heat produced is controllable, based on a simple adjustment in the size of the catalyst and the hydrogen applied.

Affordable & Efficient

The cost to produce steam using HERO® is around the same as with coal, with significant cost savings achievable due to a reduction in coal handling and pollution control. This has the potential to save power providers between $250 million to $500 million per year.

A HERO® generator can be built to almost any size specification, making it capable of efficiently meeting a wide variety of energy and heating needs.


Using HERO®, energy can be produced reliably from any location, including remote communities. This reduces the need for connection to the grid and creates the potential for decentralised power.

HERO® can reach more than 700 degrees Celsius in minutes, producing steam that can reliably power turbine-driven baseload and peaking power.

HERO® addresses the volatility inherent in the existing energy system via its ability to provide clean dispatchable power on demand. Through its own demand for green hydrogen, it also creates a reliable source of income for renewable energy, thereby stabilising prices in this sector.

Hero®’s applications

HERO® is flexible enough to meet the needs of any consumer or industrial system demanding significant amounts of heat - whether power, heating, or drying.


HERO®’s origin

Star Scientific’s early years were spent working to advance a 1956 discovery made by a team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley – a nuclear fusion event achieved at a very low temperature. It was during further research in our Australian lab into the potential of this game-changing discovery that we uncovered a catalyst with incredible potential. This became our HERO® - the heat-generating heart of our transformative technology breakthrough.

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HERO®’s path to commercial readiness

HERO® is on track for commercialisation by 2021. HERO®’s suitability for large-scale power generation has been proven and independently verified, with no scientific risk holding HERO® back from full-scale development.

Scientists anticipate rapid progress through the remaining stages of technological and commercial readiness. Commercial-scale prototype and validation is expected by the last quarter of 2019.


Transforming our global energy future requires a sense of purpose, passion and plenty of perseverance. If you want to help realise a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow, we would like to hear from you.

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