May was a very busy month for Star Scientific, as anyone following us on social media would know.  Global Group Chairman, Andrew Horvath, and Deputy Chairman, Matt Hingerty, rounded up their US travels with an intensive two days in New Mexico. 

They found several, prevalent mega-trends in progress that strongly favour both the future of hydrogen and Star Scientific.  The first was the precarious balance in the renewable energy transition in California, where demand is being driven by government policy, such as a rapid transition to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2035, and the pressure that is placing on electricity supply.

The second was a mass exodus of young people from an increasingly expensive California to neighbouring states, thereby placing stress on their grids.  The third was that southern and western parts of the US are currently in the grip of an historic-level drought, which is focussing much attention on water and water-treatment technologies. 

All of these trends are creating the perfect conditions for HERO®.  Mr Horvath and Mr Hingerty would like to publicly thank all the officials they met, with a special shout out to the Economic Development and Environment team in New Mexico, led by Environment Secretary, James Kenney. All were so generous with their time.

And while Mr Horvath and Mr Hingerty were talking to government leaders, Star Scientific’s science and technology teams were also making the most of re-opened borders.  Both Star Scientific’s Global Head of Research, Steve Heaton, and Unit Principal – Mat. Dev., Sam Kirk, attended separate materials and engineering conferences, gaining excellent insights and contacts as we gear up towards commercial production.