A bridge to our future

Watch the video here to find out how Star Scientific’s HERO® can enable us to breathe new, clean life into dirty power stations by swapping coal for green hydrogen.

Star Scientific’s breakthrough technology, The Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser – HERO® – can create limitless, efficient, affordable, clean and reliable power.

HERO®’s benefits extend beyond its unique power generation potential. It is also a solution to the political roadblocks stopping our energy progress. This means faster progress to the energy future our world needs.

By creating an unprecedented win/win for both old and new energy players, HERO® clears a path that allows businesses, governments and consumers to cooperate and transition to a smarter, more sustainable energy economy.

As a hydrogen market activator that will enable hydrogen production at lower cost, it can unlock billions of dollars in new value.

HERO® addresses the most difficult challenges associated with the global energy crisis – protecting livelihoods while preserving our future.

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Transforming our global energy future requires a sense of purpose, passion and plenty of perseverance. If you want to help realise a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow, we would like to hear from you.

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