Behind this powerful heat source is the interaction of hydrogen and oxygen with a secret catalyst.

Within minutes of the hydrogen interacting with the catalyst, HERO® safely reaches temperatures of more than 700 degrees Celsius.

The larger the surface area of the catalyst and the more hydrogen available, the more heat is generated. The only by-product is pure water.

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Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®) is one of few
technologies that can put hydrogen into use today.

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Power generation

By swapping HERO® for a coal-fired boiler within an existing power plant, emissions can be cut while power stations can continue to operate. Costs can be reduced by eliminating the need for infrastructure replacement and multi-million-dollar pollution control measures.

The cost to produce steam using HERO® is around the same as with coal, with significant cost savings achievable due to a reduction in coal handling and pollution control. This has the potential to save power providers between $100 million to $250 million per year.

District heating

Heating for buildings like our homes and businesses is one of the largest drivers of carbon emissions.

With its ability to safely reach temperatures of over 700 degrees Celsius in just minutes, HERO® can provide efficient and clean district heating; a municipal-level replacement for individual home heating systems.

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Off-grid power

HERO® can be placed in remote communities where it can quickly and reliably generate power at economical costs. HERO® can play a critical role in the developing world, connecting people to clean, reliable power and lifting them out of poverty.

Industrial processes

Heat production can be one of the most energy intensive parts of the production process for many industries.

HERO® can step in to create a clean, high temperature source of heat to affordably solve this challenge for industry, significantly cutting emissions outputs.

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Water desalination

As demand for desalination rises, concern is also growing that the process must be made more affordable and sustainable. HERO®’s clean, rapid heat generation can enable a more efficient desalination process, creating the clean water needed to sustain life without further harming the environment.