20 Years Of Breakthrough Technologies

Safe, affordable heat and electricity with zero emissions

Who We Are

For close to two decades, Star Scientific has been working on how humanity can transition to a new energy economy. An economy where our potential can be reached without relying on fossil fuels that damage the environment and pose a threat to sustainable future growth.

Backed by philanthropists and scientists who share our passion for solving this problem, we’ve invested $85 million in Australian research and development (R&D) to deliver on this ambitious but achievable goal.

Our major breakthrough is the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®). It produces unlimited, affordable, safe and reliable energy – with zero emissions.

This truly innovative source of dispatchable power and heat can propel Australia and the world to overcome the most difficult energy challenges.

We’re currently scaling HERO® and continuing our R&D to add to the list of applications for this breakthrough technology. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how HERO® can meet your heating and energy needs.

Our Mission

To create safe, reliable and affordable energy with zero emissions

Our Values

A global energy renaissance is no mean feat. It requires a special blend of principle and passion.


This single energy source has the potential to end the world’s reliance on fossil and fissionable fuels.


There have been many setbacks on the long road to this significant breakthrough, but we never lost sight of our goal.


A clean energy future will immeasurably improve the lives of people around the world without damaging the environment.


This dramatic and sustainable step forward needs collaboration between government, industry and academia to fulfil its promise.

our team

We are a team of tireless innovators, dedicated to realising our dream of a clean energy future.

Andrew Horvath
Global Group Chairman
Andrew leads Star Scientific, where he oversees the business strategy and development behind the company’s breakthrough technology, HERO®. Andrew’s vision has been instrumental in taking Star Scientific from a research lab founded by his father, nuclear physicist and inventor, Stephen Horvath, to an international business with the potential to transform a broad array of sectors.
Steve Heaton
Chief technology officer
Steve has provided the scientific leadership within Star Scientific since 2007, transitioning from Senior Scientist to Chief Technology Officer. It was in the process of working to harness the energy from nuclear fusion that Steve and his team discovered the catalyst that is the heat-generating heart of HERO®. Steve manages a portfolio of research projects and relationships with industry, academia and government with a view to realising HERO®’s potential to unleash the hydrogen economy and transform our energy future.
Jim Murray
Chief Engineer
Jim has worked for Star Scientific since 2009, first as a Draftsman, and now Chief Engineer. As Head of Engineering, Jim ensures Star Scientific maintains exceptional design and manufacturing standards.
Sam Kirk
Principal Investigator
Sam joined Star scientific as a scientist in 2010. It was during his work on our nuclear fusion project that Sam identified the catalyst and the process that today drives the HERO® reaction. Now as Principal Investigator, Sam leads the science team’s further development of the HERO® catalyst, working towards commercialisation and a zero-emission future.


Transforming our global energy future requires a sense of purpose, passion and plenty of perseverance. If you want to help realise a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow, we would like to hear from you.

Star Scientific Limited
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