With hydrogen being the most abundant element, we’re seeing an evolving shift in utilising it as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Hydrogen can be used to store renewable energy from solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind that can then be used for transport, industry and processes such as steel-making and food production. In a world powered by burning coal, industries and consumers alike are realising the benefits of this clean, carbon-free resource.

HERO® — Keeping the turbines turning

Hydrogen is a sustainable substitute for coal in traditional, already established power plants. This means that the same turbine infrastructure can be repurposed for use through a clean, pollutant-free method. This produces the predictable and reliable power that we’re used to, but via an environmentally-friendly process.

Thanks to HERO®, the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser from Star Scientific Limited, this is all achievable. HERO® is a heat-producing catalyst that efficiently employs hydrogen and oxygen to create only water and high-intensity heat, continuously and without toxic by-products. The technology is versatile and completely scalable, which allows energy production on any level from isolated units to power stations.

The heat generated by HERO® can be used in the manufacturing of steam, desalination, district heating, and industrial heating—ultimately, wherever fossil fuels are relied on to produce heat power. This technology has the capability to replace entire polluting energy production industries, it just needs green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen

Most hydrogen produced currently is the result of gasification or steam-methane reformation, two methods entirely reliant on fossil fuels. However, there are also methods such as electrolysis that produce usable hydrogen in an entirely renewable way.

In all, a HERO®system powered by renewable hydrogen creates a truly green energy production process. Combining this technology with already-established power plants, hydrogen creates a bridge between old and new, carbon-free power generation 

Ultimately, renewable hydrogen is the key to a smarter, more sustainable future, with HERO®leading the charge.